Monday, June 25, 2012


So this past week or so has been quite interesting. Allow me to explain why by digging into my past!! Don't be scared now, its alright!

I have worked at a credit union for 6 months now. Before that I was employed with Dillards, a large retail store thats like a Nordstrom. I quit Dillards because I was transferred down to the sales floor thinking I had no choice, but then realized I had a choice, but I couldn't go back to the Customer Service side of things. I really didn't like sales, it was not the type of thing I liked to do.
So I quit Dillards right after Christmas and found a job at the credit union. Its been a really good job, I've really enjoyed working here and I've made lots of friends. 
Two saturdays ago, I went into Dillards with Sven to buy some make-up because I've been running out of what I use, and was stopped by one of the managers that I was good friends with while I worked there. She was very insistent that I should come back, but I was hesitant. I didn't like working Sundays and having crazy hours, its been nice to work somewhere that closes at 6 and has holidays off. However, this manager was very insistent, so I played along. She told my old supervisor that I was interested, and she called me saying they had a couple positions opening up that I would be interested in. She told me that the Store secretary position was opening up because the current secretary was going to stay at home. I was in shock!! Utter shock, I tell you! So I told her I would think about it, and I called Sven. We talked about it and overall we had a good feeling about the change. The one position that I would ever go back to Dillards for had opened up. Its Monday-Friday from 9-5. Plus, I'd go back to what I left Dillards at, which is $4.00 more an hours than what I make at the credit union. So I told the supervisor at Dillards that I would take the position.

I went in on the next Tuesday to do all my paperwork and start training with the current secretary, because she was leaving that week, so I needed to go and learn what I could from her. I will not lie, I'm very nervous to do this all on my own. I have a LOT to remember and I'm really stressing myself out about it hardcore. I just need to get into it all and I'll be ok, but until then, I'm stresing out! 

Thats really the most thats going on right now, I'll post in a couple days about Sven's birthday. It went way better than I planned!! I just don't have a computer with all my pictures on it at the moment, so when I get time, I'll update you all on my sweet hubby's birthday :)

Song of the Blog: Savannah by Relient K. I've kind of been getting into Relient K again, I know, its a never-ending cycle with me and that band! I'll listen to them a lot, and then not so much and then a lot again. Right now its anytime a song plays on my phone, I don't skip past it! This is a good song though, plus I love how its titled my name :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pimpin out!

Well my friends, my car is officially pimped out! Granted, its not as pimped out as some cars, but its good for me! We just got a sub-woofer installed, we got a good deal on it, so now its thumpin! Its pretty sweet looking, I sure do love it :)
For some reason, the picture is a little cut off, I'm not sure why, but you still get the gist of it :) Instead of getting brand new hubcaps or whatever they are called, we just bought 40.00 wheel covers and stuck them on! The Converse sticker is one I've had for almost 2 years now, not knowing what to do with it! When we bought this car, I just knew thats where it should go! I love it :) Its a good car thats going to last me a while (hopefully!)

So this summer, Sven and I bought season passes to Lagoon along with his two brothers and their wives. We went once with them and we just went a bit ago with just the two of us. It was really fun because we had been bored and just decided to go! We went to Laguna Beach, even though there isn't much there, and played around for a bit and then we went on some rides! It was really fun, even though we found out later that we missed a birthday party for Sven's brother... oops! In our defense, when we were invited, we didn't know it was a party! Anywhoo, we decided to just stay at Lagoon, but it was really fun :) I love my honey so much! He is so dang good to me! He's also really good looking too :)

We are just so awesome!! No big deal :) How has the summer been treating y'all? Have you had any mad awesome adventures yet?? Blog about them and let me know!!

Song of the Blog: To The Wolves by Anberlin, I haven't listened to Anberlin that much recently, but as I was listening to my new sub, it came on and I remembered how much I like that song! Good stuff, Anberlin :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sub Woofers and Cookies

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for listening to my venting last post, I'm over it all now. So this past week has been fun, Sven ordered a Sub-Woofer and an Amplifier for my little Car!! I'm really excited because my car has no "thump" to it when it comes to listening to music. Plus, we only had to pay 150.00 for it!! I'm quite excited! Every time we get in my car, Sven says how excited he is for it. I honestly think he is more excited for it than I am!
I sure do love my car, its so fun!! I won't lie though, because its so boxy, it takes me forever to get up to speed! Oh well, thats the price I pay for awesome-ness!
Lately, Sven and I have been eating waaaaay too many sweets!! The other day we were at Wal-mart, and we decided as a treat to get some snacks. Well, I felt like getting Chips Ahoy, just the original kind. As I'm going to grab them, Sven tells me to grab the Chewy kind. The Chewy kind. Ew. I really don't like the Chewy kind, they just don't taste like real chocolate chip cookies to me, So I turn and just kinda stare at him with this face that says, "The CHEWY kind??" So I ask him if he is sure and he tells me that he doesn't like the original ones because they are so hard. So anyway, there just so happens to be a worker standing by us who overheard our conversation. She leans over and tells me, "Just buy them both! Thats what my husband and I have to do, he likes the chewy too!"  So we bought both, and let me just tell you... A whole package of cookies to myself?? Bad news for me! I've been pacing though, so its not so bad, but it feels like I've been eating tons of junk food lately! Its almost to the point that I don't want it anymore, which is crazy, because I like me some junk food!!
I do apologize for sucking at blogging, thank you to the followers that I do have. You are AWESOME!!

Song of the Blog- Honey Pie by The Beatles, seriously, I love this song soooooooo much! It makes me happy, and I assure you it will make you happy!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Vent Sesh..

     As you all probably noticed, I need a Vent Session. As most of you know, my little brother Skyler is coming home soon from his mission in Brazil. How soon you ask?? He will be home August 29th-ish!! I know, very exciting!
      However, since he is coming home so soon, my parents have been working on getting him scholarships and accepted for school. Skyler didn't go to school after he graduated high school, instead he just worked and saved money, so he wants to go when he gets back. Anyway, he has been sort of adamant about going to BYU-I in the fall.... 12 days after he gets home..........  I don't think I can put enough periods after the end of that sentence. I am pretty sure its only because of the girl he has been writing his whole mission. He also wants to get right into learning so he can feel like he is progressing. Which makes sense... 

     But as his older sister, and his longest best friend, I don't like this at all... I know its probably selfish of me to want him here longer, but I was really looking forward to introducing him to Sven. My brother has never met Sven, and I already know they will get along really well. But Skyler will be going to school 12 days after he gets home. This fact really frustrates me, to the point of tears.  I'm pretty sure I cried the whole entire day when he left on his mission, this picture is proof: 

     You can see I was upset that day right?! Obviously I want to spend more than 12 DAYS with my newly returned brother, wouldn't you think? I want to show him new movies and music, I want him to hang out with my husband that he's never met. I want to talk to him about his experiences and talk to the new Skyler, because he has changed so much. I don't want him to go up to BYU Idaho!! Thats 5 hours away from here, not even close enough to visit all the time!! I already know he will get teased a lot for going to BYU, you see, my family roots for this team:

     This was taken about a year or so before Skyler left. My dad went to University of Utah, and my two brothers took up being big U of U fans, and they kinda dragged the rest of the family along. We are the only family on my dad's side that likes the Utes, so we get a lot of crap for it. I'm sure Skyler will get quite a bit of it.... I always teased him that because he liked U of U so much, he would totally end up going to BYU. I honestly did not think he would do it!  

     I feel like I'm being selfish, but its a feeling I can't get over, I really wish he would take a semester off and hang out with his family, who loves him so much, instead of coming home, eating dinner, and leaving again for who knows how long?? Its so frustrating, and I just needed to vent about this somewhere.... Thank you all for listening to my ranting. I will entertain you with some pictures now...

See?? Friends since like forever

Oh you know.. Just playing Tic-Tac-Toe under a playground.
Thanks once again for listening to my rantings... I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I can't believe its the weekend already!! 

Song of The Blog- Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.... Seriously.... Best Song EVER!! I will tell you now, make sure you listen to this song in a place where you have a lot of bass. It starts out slow, so don't be deceived, its sweet! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Once again, NEW CAR!!

 You'd think we would be satisfied with having one new truck for Sven, but no!! After we got our new truck, we sold my Mazda 626 and then I got Sven's old Alero to drive around. I was ok with it, but Sven felt bad because he felt like he was giving me his hand-me-down car. I had told him I was ok with keeping the Alero for a while because I had no need for a new car. Well, he started looking around anyway, because once he sets his mind to something, it WILL be done... Most the time I have to talk some sense into him, and help him to realize that sometimes, what he is trying to do probably isn't the best idea. Anyway... So he starts looking at Scions, and of course, he finds one!!! It was cheap, the miles weren't too bad, and when we looked at it, we knew it was our car. Well, Sven knew. I was very hesitant, we had just bought his truck, and I didn't think I really needed a new car. After talking about it, we decided it would be a good idea to buy it. We had been working on a 1999 Volvo S70, and we were getting frustrated with all the fixing we have had to do on it, so we decided we will sell that and put it on the Scion. Its a really good car, I like driving it a lot!!! I'm still getting used to having the speedometer in the middle of the dash instead of right in front of the steering wheel. Anyway, I don't really have much else going on in my life at the moment, so I'm going to say peace out for today!!
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
Song of the Blog: Song For Clay by Bloc Party. I heard this song my iPod this morning when I was getting ready, I'd completely forgotten about this song!! Its pretty awesome, if you've never heard of Bloc Party, I definetly recommend them! They are different, but a few of my favorite songs include Hunting For Witches and Flex. They are very energetic, they get me going!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Blog Needs a New Post!!

   Well, I am back!! I'm sorry it has taken me so long! I never get the chance to get on my computer, so here I am finally!! We haven't been too busy lately, but I will tell you this! We got a truck!! We went to help my sister look at a truck at a dealership in Ogden,which wasn't right for her. After we got done looking for her, Sven decided to look around online and see what he could find. Sven has been wanting a truck for so long, when he found this one online, and I saw the price and the miles, I didn't get any bad feelings about it, so we went to look at the truck!!
   We got down there and waited for the guy selling it to us to come out of work, and then he walked us over to the truck. Sven looked it over with a fine-tooth comb, and I could tell he loved it already! We decided to see if we would qualify for a loan just to see, and we did!! We had to get a few things from the seller, which took some time, by then it was pretty much decided that we were going to buy it. There was nothing else for us to do in West Valley City, where the truck was, so we decided to go home until something could be done about the truck the next day. We had just gotten home about 30 minutes later when the seller called us saying he could take an hour break, and would we want to buy the truck tonight? We didn't think it would be so soon, but we didn't have any bad feelings about it, so we decided to drive an hour away and go buy the truck! It was a pretty long day, but Sven got the truck he has been wanting for so long!!

   After we got home with the truck, we decided we needed to sell my Mazda, which had been my car for almost 5 years, I got it a month after I graduated to move down to Orem. I'm not gonna lie, I cried a lot that day. I had known we were going to sell it, but I still wasn't ready. Lucy had been my baby! So anytime someone brought it up, I started crying. It was pretty pathetic.

  And so, until Sven finishes the Volvo he has been working on, I am driving his car, and Oldsmobile Allero. Its a good car, but at the same time, its just not the same! I still consider it Sven's car, not mine, so what can you do? Its a nice car though, so I won't complain anymore.

   Anyway, this month marks a year since Sven and I became a couple!! I really can't believe its been a year, I still remember how random it was haha. I'd known him for a month, we met at free pancake night with some of my friends that knew him too. It was weird because I'd never seen him before and he had been in my singles ward for a while! Anyway, we had gone on a 'jog' with our friend Taylor, and we went up to these cool rocks that are right around our parents house, we were climbing them and for some reason I noticed Sven was kind of flirting with me, which was weird, because I had told him I liked him about 2 weeks before and had gotten nothing back, so I just stopped caring. Dating was old anyway. After we took Taylor home, Sven suggested we go get slurpees and talk. He ended up kissing me that night and ever since then we have never been a day apart. We became official the next day, it all went so fast, but at the same time, it didn't feel that way!!

  I am so so so happy with my life! I love my Sven so much, and I could never ask for more! I'm so grateful I found Sven, he's my other half! I have loved being with him this year, and I can't wait for the eternities!!

Song of the Blog: For You Blue by The Beatles!! I love the Beatles so so much, for some reason they are like the perfect summer music to me! LOVE THEM!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Being terrible will now cease

Wow.... I suck at Blogging these days!! I do apologize, I have greatly slacked off! Whats new, you ask?? Well, we have lived in our apartment for 4 months now, and I finally got pictures printed to put on the wall! Yes, it was a great moment when the empty frames that have been hanging on our walls were finally filled with pictures!! Hooray!! We are still working on the bedroom, but we will be getting a dresser and nightstand set this week from Downeast for 400.00! I'm so so excited!! I'll probably put pictures up after we get all of that settled in, I really can't wait!! Our room will be so dang cute!! I'm not going to add any pictures today, I know, you are all thinking how lame I am!! Its fine, I understand. Never fear!! I will be better, I promise! The reason?? I got a new job with a Credit Union!! I am so excited, I'm only working about 20-30 hours, its kind of nice though to have a break from working so much at Dillards, so I think I'll have a lot more free time to get things done, cough *blogging* cough! This is more of a heads up, so be prepared to hear more from me!! 

Song of the Blog: The Sound Of Settling by Death Cab for Cutie, this song NEVER gets old!